Expert Safe Technicians

30 Lincoln Street        Brighton, MA 02135
Tel. 617-787-3400     fax 617-787-3425

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  Our Safe Sales and Service department is staffed by experienced and knowledgeable safe technicians.

  We have the resources to open the tougher safes as well as the skills and resources to repair them.

   National Service Agencies call on us often to provide on site support services all over New England. We stock a variety of common safe locks in our service vehicles for efficiency. Our entire staff of mobile technicians are all capable of basic safe servicing which can help to keep up under a heavy demand schedule.

When their is a tough safe to open, we know how to prepare. There is a need to research and learn the nomenclature of the safe beforehand to minimize time and reduce destruction. There is tool preparation and contemplation of attempting repair so security is back to normal as soon as possible and consideration of what to do as alternatives.

Customers with "experience" usually call us again if they need another "experience"