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  There is the Internet with countless reduced price hardware and clearing house type sites.

  There are discount houses, home improvement warehouses, hardware stores and other places you could buy locks and security hardware at.

   Sporting goods stores and office product supply stores that have safes for sale.

  Electronics stores that sell security access components and kits.

Consider this though:

   Most of them leave the decision of which product you might want entirely in your hands.
They will give specs and all you then need to know is if the number is better if it is higher or lower.
They have a staff that can be very eager and pleasant and might even tell you stuff you did not know.
   Suppose you could even get medical advice from a receptionist instead of a doctor.

When is a "Bargain" not really a bargain ?

 When you ask us for advice. We try to do our best with our specific knowledge of locks, keys and safes to provide you with the best information we are aware of by our experience with these devices.

 Our daily routine is only locks, keys and safes and the routine is years along in experience. There just might be a benefit in purchasing hardware with help from an experienced locksmith.
  Just to reflect upon some experience in general, it seems smarter to make more important purchases from experienced vendors. Appliances from an appliance dealer, Cars from a bona fide reputable dealer, and anything else that you might expect should last as an "Investment" should get an authorized sales agent at least a chance. When it comes to stuff that is used quickly, then sure, buy pens and paper at the office supply place.