Since 1790
30 Lincoln Street								Brighton, MA 02135
Tel. 617-787-3400					fax 617-787-3425
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30 Lincoln Street
Brighton, MA 02135
Tel. 617-787-3400
 At Boston Lock & Safe Co. You will find experienced locksmiths that know about assisting you in selecting the right hardware and have the ability to install or maintain it.

   The team has a great diversity of skills and each share their knowledge as well as focus on applying their special skills to jobs that call on them.

  With an average of more than ten years experience in the trade, Boston Lock has a good crew. Our focus on a customer keeps them coming back when they have other security needs they want help with and we are honored by their patronage as well as complimented by the trust they have put on our integrity.

  Worth mentioning even though it seems boasting, is we have often been the place other less experienced locksmiths turn to for hardware, services or advice when they are challenged or overwhelmed by a task. We do not view them as competitors, perhaps taking business away, instead we see it as an opportunity to keep our skills and knowledge in the main stream of this profession and respect that they have humbled their selves a little to get their job done.